Fire and Gas Mapping Software

Safety is critical in the operation of oil and gas facilities. Using effective fire and gas systems provides crucial protection to personnel, assets and the environment. Inadequate protection measures can lead to a loss in revenue and reputation.

The design layout of the fire and gas system is an essential tool as it can be analysed and assessed to ensure the coverage meets HSE requirements.

Fire and Gas Mapping is used to determine the optimum layout of fire and gas detectors within a facility. MAFIAS ensures that the detector configuration gives minimum redundancy, maximises the area coverage, and reduces the effort required for ongoing maintenance. MAFIAS can be applied to new sites or to existing installations. It improves safety and optimises systems by maintaining high safety levels while minimising the number of devices and therefore cost.

  • Formal Quantified Risk Assessment
  • Simulates Fire and Gas Release Scenarios
  • Uses a 3 Dimensional Environment for Detector Calculations
  • Calculates 'Point' Gas Detectors Coverage
  • Calculates 'Line of Sight' Gas Detectors Coverage
  • Calculates Heat and Flame Detectors Coverage
  • Accounts for Obstructions in a 3D Environment
  • Multiple Coverage Targets can be Specified Within an Area
  • Outputs include a Coverage Map and Contributions from Individual Detectors
  • Provides the Relevant Information to Assess and Optimise Detector Layout
Example of an idealised Gas cloud scenario for Fire & Gas Mapping

Is your site protected?

Within the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, safety and efficiency are critical factors. Fire and gas detection systems ensure early action from systems that reduce the extent of harm from hazardous scenarios. These systems include early alarms for alerting personnel, and early action enabling quick emergency shutdown, therefore protecting personnel, assets and the environment. MAFIAS ensures that the configuration of the fire and gas detection system is able to deliver these critical needs comprehensively, efficiently and cost effectively.

How does the MAFIAS software work?

MAFIAS allows the placement of detectors and obstructions within a 3D environment. Detectors can be manually located and orientated to match the design or the current facility configuration, which creates realistic dimensions to aid assessment. The areas may be split into different zones to take into account the criticality of the area in terms of fire and gas detection. A coverage map is then generated which assesses the adequacy of coverage when compared to zone specific targets.


Using MAFIAS enables system designs to be optimised, improving safety while increasing efficiency and reducing the efforts required for maintenance.


Fire and Gas Mapping Software

MAFIAS screenshot showing a colourised map of the grade B and C areas of a fuel gas pipeline model


MAFIAS screenshot showing a flammable gas detection mapping model of a fuel gas launcher unit

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