PLASMA (Plant Simulation Analysis)

Plant Simulation Analysis (PLASMA) is a fully integrated asset management tool which has been developed over the past 15 years by leading industry specialists. It has been extensively used within the Oil and Gas industry, through all phases from Concept design through to Operations and Decommissioning for the purposes of optimising:

  • Production Availability
  • System and Asset Performance
  • Capital and Operational Expenditure
  • Reliability of Safety Critical Systems
  • Maintenance Resource Allocation
  • Logistics and Transportation of supplies and products
PLASMA (Plant Simulation Analysis)
System contributors to production losses Example of Reliability block diagram modelling

Are you making the most of your asset?

A 1% drop in production availability equates to approximately 4 days of lost production. Our powerful simulation tool is equipped to inform you how best to reduce downtime and meet performance targets. PLASMA is able to identify bottlenecks for an operating facility - at system, equipment and component level, such that cost-saving improvement measures can be implemented for your asset.

Do you know where best to focus your maintenance effort?

Maintenance is essential for any asset to perform continuously and reliably. However not all activities are necessary. It is important to be aware of critical systems and how to maintain these items using a cost-effective and resource efficient approach. PLASMA is able to optimise maintenance activities and personnel shift patterns to provide the best solutions for maintaining critical systems on your asset.

Is your current spare parts inventory configured to minimise disruption?

A poorly managed spare parts inventory has the potential to cause prolonged disruption to production, thereby increasing costs. Spare parts should be available in volume, specification and mobilised with minimal delay. PLASMA uses its unique simulation engine to rank the criticality of each equipment item - from pumps and fans to filters and valves. Following this, PLASMA can be used to determine optimal sparing levels and select the most favourable methods to mobilise parts.

Is your design configured to give you maximum return on investment (ROI)?

In the design phase, it is crucial to analyse any concept in detail and explore potential improvements that could yield savings over the projected life of the asset. Initial CAPEX may be required to mitigate any unnecessary future OPEX. By using PLASMA's simulation package you can evaluate the production performance over the lifetime of the asset. PLASMA allows you to continuously feed in your own data; ensuring that the full potential of your asset is achieved and revenues maximized.

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